LACE UP COVER  This is designed for an existing structure/framework,  which is already in place. Please contact us for a price as needed, as there are so many different combinations of fabrics, sizes and shapes of this application

Rimini  For windows and doors Dome awning / half round Same back height as prpjection Fixed or retractable Standard sizes from:  "18/28" Profile - 450mm - 900mm projection & 600mm - 1500mm width "20/48" Profil

Roma Awning  Fixed Awning - Similar to Capri/ Milan (Wedge Awning), but has a rounded bullnose front. For windows and doors where there is a LIMITED space above to fix. Width:  1000mm - 5000mm Projection:  500mm - 1300mm Backheig

FORENZA RETRACTABLE PATIO AWNING - 350 PREMIUM SYSTEM  This system has been designed for large awnings with maximum, projection of 3500mm and manufactured in accordance with the directive for LENGTH, STRENGTH and SAFETY stipulated

Forenza Retractable Patio Awning  For Description and various Options please go to our "MAIN DISPLAY - FORENZA RETRACTABLE PATIO AWNING - UNDER THIS PRODUCT"  

Forenza Retractable Patio Awning  For Descriptions and various Options on this awning.   Please go to our "MAIN DISPLAY - FORENZA RETRACTABLE AWNINGS" Under these products

Napoli Awning  For windows and doors Fixed or Retractable/ Uses bent corners @300mm or 400mm radius. Same Back Height as Projection Width:  1500mm - 6020mm Projection:  500mm - 1300mm  (please see below) Maximum Width for t

Venice Awning  For windows and doors, Fixed or Retractable. Uses moulded corners. Same Back Height as Projection Width:    1500mm  -  6000mm Projection: 500mm - 1300mm  

Capri / Wedge  - Awning  For Windows and Doors where there is limited space above to fix. Back height is smaller than projection Fixed Awnings only All units manufactured with anodised aluminium frames in our Suppliers unique roll